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The Adult Informer is owned and operated by Strip
Advertising. The first publications, entitled "Starlets
International", were printed and distributed in 1987,
making Strip Advertising one of the first companies
to offer free adult publications in circulation on the
Las Vegas Strip! These first publications featured
entertainment bureau ads offering
free information 24/7, entitled: Adult Informer.
In 1990, the Starlets International publication was
transformed into the Adult Informer, continuing to offer free
information all hours of the day, and featuring:
editorials, many personal paid advertisements by
entertainers, strippers, and dancers, strip club ads,
massage salons, legal brothels (cat houses) and much more!

Over the years Strip Advertising and its owner, Eddie
Munoz, ventured out into many different publishing and
distribution ventures: The Las Vegas Informer (non adult
free information guide), Personals Paid Advertisements,
Dirty Dancers, Bad Girls, Leather & Lace, Larry's Las
Vegas Views & News, Nightlife, and Tugboat Annie.
Currently Strip Advertising is printing:
"Adult Informer"
"Personals Paid Advertisements: Alternative Lifestyles"
"Strip Advertising"
"Las Vegas Informer"

Among the many business ventures, Munoz has been
involved in numerous court cases over the years, fighting for
the rights of small business owners, publishers, newsrack
owners, outcall services, first amendment rights, and much
more. Newspaper articles on many of Munoz' court cases
and business ventures can be found

The Adult Informer is always changing things up, trying to
find the latest and greatest information to provide to Las
Vegas' tourist industry as well as the locals. Presently, the
Adult Informer is printed bi-monthly and features personal
ads, editorials, adult stores, free information hotline, and
free admission passes for several clubs owned by one of the
largest strip club chains in the United States, Deja Vu!

The Adult Informer has also started a model contest entitled:
Miss Adult Informer. Ladies can submit their photo to: Voting takes place in
the form of "likes" on our Facebook page: For more information
about this contest, please click