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The Adult Informer is printed bi-monthly, therefore, the Miss
Adult Informer Contest will run every two months, with the
winner being announced on the 1st, every other month. The
Adult Informer is distributed in Las Vegas & Laughlin,
Nevada. Although this contest is open to anyone from
any state, if you live in Las Vegas, you will get better
exposure and be able to see yourself in print on the famous
Las Vegas Strip!

Entries must be sent to stripadvertising@gmail.ccom
Please include your Legal Name, Stage Name (name we will use
for contest), Age, link to your facebook fanpage, and phone
When photo is posted for contest, we will ONLY post your Stage
Name & Age.

As of now, the winner will receive the following prizes:

1. Will be "crowned" Miss Adult Informer for that 2 month
2. Photo will be printed in The Adult Informer, along with a small
3. Free photo editing to remove blemishes, tattoos, ect...

We are working to provide more prizes, and also feature a runner
up in the near future.

Must be 18+ to enter. This is a NON-Nude Contest. DO NOT send
photos that are against Facebook policy. If you are crowned the
winner, you WILL be required to sign a model release form,
giving us permission to print/edit your photo. As a winner, you
will be given the option to submit a different photo for print then
was provided for the contest. You MUST have rights to the
photograph, or WE CANNOT print it! For any other questions or
comments, please send us a private message. Thank you, and
good luck ladies!