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About Us
Your One Stop for Everything in the City That Never Sleeps!
The Las Vegas Informer is a newspaper we print during elections and our attraction
magazine focusing on the Tourist community, featuring views and news, and acting as a
voice for small businesses. Printed twice a year Our Attraction magazine is printed 4
times a year so your attractions ads are on the strip 3 months straight  , your advertising
dollars will go to good use . As your advertisement is guaranteed  to be seen by thousands!
With our distribution we give you 4 times the distribution than our competition .Check
out are Package Deals and New Billboards on the  World Famous Strip.

The Las Vegas Informer is owned and operated by Strip Advertising, which has the largest
distribution route on the Las Vegas Strip, and the City of Las Vegas, the Non - H1 zone in
the center of town, even Laughlin. We have licensed news racks, permitted by Clark . We
have a 1000 locations .Where your advertising dollars count.

We are providing reasonable advertising rates for the small businesses trying to survive in
this economy! There is no reason why the small business man cannot get just as much
exposure as the "big guys" right? We know that anyone can make a newspaper or
magazine now days, but how many  people can say they have been in the advertising
business  in Las Vegas for 35 years . Strip Advertising has been the #1 distributor on the
Las Vegas Strip area for years, publishing and distributing several different magazines ,
cards , flyers , on the Strip  area.

The Las Vegas Informer, a Non-Adult related newspaper, will bring to light many news
and views. This is a FREE publication to the public, it cannot be bought! It is time, in this
time of economic crisis, that the American voters and small businessmen also women of
our community deserve to have a voice too ! We all need to know the views of our
candidates for office, so  voters can make informed decisions on whom to cast their votes
for, so voters can help make  some real changes can take place in our community! Our
freedom of speech is one of our last rights we have left now, it is time to use it and make
a difference!

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